From Fine Arts to the airbrush

I developed a passion for drawing at the age of 10 and as a teenager I decided to enter the Reims Fine Art competition, in which I came first at the age of 17.


Later, in 1971, I left for Lille to join the School of Fine Arts, in the Interior Architecture and Design section, a discipline I had fallen in love with. I found two loves, actually, as my wife Véronique and I started to design prototypes together for children's furniture. With no connection to what had gone previously, but impelled by my provocative streak, in 1976 I took part in the "Vivre en Bois Blanc" (Living in White Wood) competition for which I designed... a kit coffin. This offbeat initiative was to be noticed by the crazy team of the "Petit Rapporteur" satirical television programme, which at the time earned me my first TV appearance.


Then, at the request of Alain Mahieu, the then boss of the biggest advertising agency in Lille, MSDL, I created advertising campaigns using pencil and watercolour. In 1977, having turned freelance illustrator, the DPS agency asked me to train in the use of the airbrush. I was happy to agree and it also provided me with the opportunity to get closer to the American hyperrealist painters whose outlook I shared.



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