Tourism signage: 4 seconds to convince!

Always acutely aware of the wealth of our cultural heritage,

I had an epiphany in 1985 after a visit to the Château de Chenonceau: to completely rethink motorway tourism signs

so as to encourage motorists to stop and discover these jewels in our crown. The human eye has just four seconds to register and memorise a message at the legal speed limit. On this basis, the "Camaïeu" concept, in a brown colour palette, that I created was extended to all new signs because the Cofiroute network recorded a rise in visitor numbers to the sites of between 20% and 30%.


Today, the rollout of this concept is continuing with Vinci Autoroutes, with 6m high by 3m wide totem signs and an area dedicated to sustainable development and ecology. A kind of open-air gallery, if you will, 5,000km long. Some 800 remarkable sites have been illustrated in this way.



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